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Comfort & Control With Ducted Air COnditioning Systems

Attain Optimal Comfort and Management with Ducted Systems Ducted air conditioning discreetly distributes cooled or warmed air throughout your entire home, ensuring comprehensive comfort. Elevate your experience with intelligent controllers for enhanced efficiency and precise control.

Reverse Cycle: These systems offer versatile functionality, providing both cooling and heating modes based on your preferences.

Capacity & Output: AC systems are rated in kW (kilowatts) for their cooling and heating capacities. Choosing the correct capacity is essential; inadequate power may result in insufficient temperature control, while excessive power can lead to frequent cycling and reduced efficiency. Consult with your installer to determine the optimal size for your property, considering its dimensions and layout.

Suitable for Nearly Any Home: Ducted systems are adaptable and can be installed in new constructions or retrofitted into existing properties by your installer.

Efficient Technology: In cool mode, the refrigerant absorbs warmth from the air in the indoor unit and disperses it outdoors, ensuring efficient operation.

AirTouch Control: AirTouch provides intuitive control for ducted or VRF installations, allowing you to adjust modes, temperature, and fan speed easily via a touch screen or app.

Maintain Air Quality: Regular cleaning and maintenance of return air grilles and filters are essential for improved comfort and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance with fewer system inhibitors.

Ducted air conditioners function by distributing cooled or heated air through a network of ducts installed throughout a home or building. At Airlock Services, we specialise in flawlessly installing ducted air conditioning systems, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Our expert technicians meticulously design and install ducted systems tailored to the unique layout and requirements of Australian households. With ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, homeowners can enjoy zoned cooling or heating, allowing them to adjust temperatures according to personal preferences and usage patterns. This zoning capability not only enhances comfort but also maximises energy savings by only conditioning the areas that need it. Trust Airlock Services to deliver the perfect installation for your ducted air conditioning needs, tailored to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Zoning your home’s ducted air conditioning system in Brisbane offers a smarter approach to comfort and efficiency. By dividing your space into distinct zones, you gain precise control over temperature and airflow, ensuring personalised comfort for everyone while saving on energy costs. Air conditioning zoning directs cool or warm air only to areas that need it, allowing you to tailor climate settings to individual preferences. With zoning, you can optimise your AC system’s capacity, reducing the size needed for installation and cutting down on future power expenses. Unlike traditional systems that treat every room the same, zoning technology adapts to room size, occupancy, sunlight exposure, and individual temperature preferences, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.

New technology in Ducted Air Conditioner zone controllers serve as your interface, putting you in command of your home’s climate with precision. This innovative device allows you to regulate airflow and adjust volumes with ease. By seamlessly controlling air dampers within the ductwork, it efficiently distributes conditioned air throughout your living space. Whether you’re looking to cool specific zones or tailor temperatures to individual preferences, our zone controller puts you in the driver’s seat of your comfort. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all climate control and hello to custom comfort with Airlock Services’ ducted air conditioner zone controls.



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