Airlock Services can service air conditioner Brisbane & Gold Coast.

We service Air Conditioners in Brisbane and Gold Coast


5 Tips on How to Service your air conditioner

  • Check & clean the filters every 4-6 weeks
  • 24 degrees on Cooling & 22 degrees on Heating
  • Check outdoor unit and make sure the rear coil is free from things like leaves and dof hair
  • Turn off isolation switch or circuit breaker if not in use for long periods of time, air con repair in Brisbane
  • Get the system professionally serviced every 12 months.

Fast Response

We pride ourselves on a fast response 24hr service
Fast competitive quotes and quick emergency service

Matt and his team were fantastic, prompt, courteous and professional in every aspect of the removal of our old system & the supply & installation of new system.


Outstanding service and price- support local!



Excellent! Went above and beyond the service requirements.
Airlock upgraded our old dangerous electrical switch board. They were fast in completing the job knowing it was an urgent, safety issue. Thanks Crystal